AKC Grand Champion
Greyhawk Remembrance at Del Sol

Trudy was always a bit naughty in the show ring but has been very successful.  She is an AKC Grand Champion and major pointed in the CKCSC , USA by Maryann Hogan (Stavonga, UK) . She is now retired but her son Adam is an AKC CH and her daughter Favor is as well!  Her Grand-Daughter Hazel has recently gotten her AKC Championship title as well.    Trudy was bred by Shawna Lawson and Linda Kubin .

AKC GCH Greyhawk Remembrance at Del Sol

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Grantilley Ocean Dream


7/29/12 -Elaine Whitney (Sigma Chi)
A very good moving bitch on the larger size. Good reach and drive with an excellent head and good expression.

7/28/12- Di Fry (Amantra)
18 month old slightly larger bitch but a well constructed one. Nice outline. Sweet head. Good reach of neck and shoulders. Very happy girl and moved well.

7/27/12- Veronica Hull (Telvara)
Quite a substantial 17 month old who is well constructed and moved soundly. I loved her head and sweet expression but she carried her tail too high today which to a degree spoilt her outline

4/25/2012- Katie Sloan (Turretbank)
Larger in frame than my winner but so well constructed. Rich in colour, she has a most attractive head and well set ears which she uses continually.Lovely shape with good strong bone, well-balanced body and excellent movement both front and rear, holding her topline at all times. Quality girl.

10/9/2011 Bryan Claydon (Brymarden)
Greyhawk Remembrance At Del Sol (McHenry/Kubin) Beautifully marked 8 months old Blenheim, a well balanced girl for her age and well constructed, a virtue that was evident with her lovely movement. In good coat and showing well.

10/8/2011 Robbi Jones (Rutherford)
1. Greyhawk Remembrance at Del Sol (McHenry/Kubin) 7-month-old Blenheim. The first two are similar. Number 1 is a very feminine girl with pleasing head and expression and large dark eyes. Beautiful coat and color. Nice reach of neck. Best Junior Puppy.

7/4/2011 Heidi Mohn (Covington)
Nice little package this girl presents, well put together, nicely balanced, well presented. Another that looked great both standing and on the move, another I hope gets a bigger eye with maturity.

7/3/2011 Maxine Fox-Shone (Pamedna)
Another promising puppy with nice shape and make. Richly coloured Blenheim which was nice for type and moved well.

7/2/2011 Karin Ostmann (Sheeba)
This little girl was very unfortunate to be in the same class as above (the winner) . She is a very quality girl, with a beautiful neck and nicely laid back shoulders. Short coupled, great shape and overall outline. Moved well coming and going.

See baby Trudy in the show ring !