Del Sol Cavaliers is located in Tracy, CA (just outside of the Bay Area between Livermore and Stockton).

I was introduced to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed by Joanne Nash (Rambler Cavaliers and Dalmations) in the early 90's when our family Golden Retriever Cora took puppy school at her home. I was quickly drawn to the little spaniels that were running all over the place. Little did I know those same dogs would OWN me a decade later.

I have been very lucky to work with several breeders that have been generous by allowing me to own some very nice dogs....... Kim Johnson (Allegria Cavaliers, USA), Linda Kubin (Greyhawk Cavaliers, USA) , and Liane Berger (Liane's Cavaliers , Germany). I appreciate their commitment to good health in our breed and am thankful to them for sharing their beautiful and healthy dogs with me.

After several years as the Bay Area Club's Rescue Coordinator and Regional Director (CA)for the ACKCS Rescue Trust I have stepped down from rescue responsiblities and will be spending my time focusing on my own dogs. I am happy to talk to anyone searching for a rescue or a puppy , so feel free to email me and introduce yourself.

I am a Regular Member of the BACKCSC , CKCSC USA, and COTW as well as an Associate Member of the ACKCSC. I was  Vice President of BACKCSC (2015-2016) and president of BACKCSC (2020-2021)

Thanks for taking the time to come visit my site! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Mary McHenry